Our founding father

UOHS Founder
Prof. Abdirisak H.Hassan

As with any institution that is in place it has its builders and so is the University of Health Sciences ( UoHS). It is goes without saying that it is worthwhile to appreciate the efforts played by such distinguished and exemplary individuals. The late, Professor Abdirizak Hussein Hassan, popularly known for his title “ The professor” was the founding father and the all time leader of the Institution. Following the breakout of the Somali civil war, almost all of the elites and the brains of the Nation emigrated mostly to Europe and North America. The professor was among the few of his caliber to remain behind and braved the deteriorating situation of his home nation. He was so patriotic that he couldn’t have the gut to desert his homeland when he was most needed.

He feared the country would face brain drain. A tragic medical case he witnessed in Bender Qassim Hospital in 1998 revolving around scarcity of Medical personnel pressed the Professor even harder to do something to reverse the declining health trend in our country before it totally gets out of hand. He then intervened by establishing Somali Nursing institute. As the name suggests it was intended to produce paramedics from every nook and corner of the country. To take stock of the journey to date, the human resource crisis in the country is significantly improved due to community based training experience of graduates. Those who have had close working relationship with the Professor would describe him as a talented hard worker who combined his unique leadership skills and determination to execute his duties for the people to enable them reach greater heights. He led the institution with distinction, vigor and astuteness as he possessed that special talent and great energy especially when he presided over the pursuit for solution to challenges faced since running a higher institution in a war torn country is not without a herculean task. He was a strong communicator and visionary with unique problem-solving skills that he coupled with passion in everything he puts his mind to. He always reminded his staff that the duty on their hand is Saddaqa Jaariyah( a charity that continues to benefit the people long-term and continues to earn the giver rewards even after death) He is no longer with us now but his inspirations is still the driving force of the Unversity. May Allah SWT have mercy on him……… May Allah multiply his reward and grant him Jannah Firdous Ameen. The founding father, University Of Health Sciences Prof: Abdirizak Hussein Hassan

On behalf of board of trustees

As we mark this historic moment of our 19th gradu ation ceremony, we are deeply honored to welcome you to seize it and express utmost gratitude to Allah whom without his blessings on us would never have been possible to celebrate this occasion year after year. On this day, we are humbled to present industrious skilled and knowledgeable young men and women to our nation and the world at large. As they get absorbed into the society, we expect a dramatic improvement in service delivery and ameliorate the living standard of the people. “Fostering Professionalism in Medical Education” is our graduation theme for this year and as such we are and always have been dedicated to the production of competent graduates as a result of excellent teaching facilities, cutting edge staffs and research opportunities. This is evidenced by how our Alumni are widely appreciated in various facets of the medical arena in the Nation for their exemplary performance in reversing the declining health trends post the civil war. I call upon to the young generation to utilize the endless possibilities of what their training, passion and diligence could provide. You also have to bear in mind that opportunities are NOT to be waited for but created. If you find one seize it. I appreciate the efforts played by your parents, guardians, sponsors and any other person who contributed to the realization of where you are today. May Allah bless you All