The UOHS has been a pioneer in aiding its community and so it developed the Scholarship Aid Programme in the early 2000s to serve as a beacon of hope for its financially distressed community, it firstly began as an initiative by the University of Health Sciences and its stakeholders geared towards the training of students within the region. Today the scholarship aid program is a fully structured program endowed by the University to more than 20 students annually. This Program aims at creating future change agents and provide support for students in the fields of Nursing, Pharmacy, Food sciences and Nutrition, Public health and Midwifery programs The programme includes a minimum of 40 percent of females students in order to support women’s participation and enhance gender equality. The University of Health Sciences hereby invites applications from students who are Somali citizens to apply for the program.

The objective of the programme is to train selected scholars who will serve as change agents for regional health development in the Somali region.

The project offers financial support to academically skilled and disadvantaged secondary school students with the main focus on priority programmes. Women and persons with disabilities are encouraged to participate in the programme. The program covers the costs for teaching and research materials. With the help of integrated internships and extra-curricular activities, practical learning will be ensured to be the same as other fully paid programs.

1.Faculty Of Medecine & Surgery

2.Faculty Of Clinical Nursing

3.Faculty Of Clinical Midwifery

4.Faculty Of Clinical Pharmacy

5.Faculty Of Food Sciecnes & Nutrution

6.Faculty Of Medical Laboratory

7.Faculty Of Public Health

8.Faculty Of Laboratory

Possess the required academic qualifications for admission to the programme

Submit a well-written motivation letter in English elaborating on the following: The motivation for wanting to pursue a bachelors in above mentioned programmes stating the personal professional and academic vision in the next 5 to 10 years Note: Please note that all the above should be covered in one letter of not more than 500 words

Be below 19 years of age

The following criteria are mandatory. Students should fulfill: