The University of Health Sciences is situated in the town of Bossaso, the commercial center of Puntland-State (Somalia.) It is located on the main road of Bossaso Airport, opposite to the Bosaso Public Secondary School. The University of Health Sciences was established in September 2000 as a Health Institute. In 2003, it was promoted to a college and in 2012 to a university status (University of Health Sciences) by the Puntland Government through its ministry of health. This foundation of the university was in response to the scarcity of medical professionals in Somalia at that time due to the civil war that caused killings and immigration of most of the medical personnel to other countries. The University of Health Sciences offers health sciences courses to improve the standards of health education in our country. Now, the University is considered as a leading University in terms of educational excellence in the Health Science sector of our country. Since its foundation, thousands of students have graduated from the University, who competently and confidently serve our communities.


Prof. Abdirizak H. Hassan

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