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Welcome to the University Of Health Sciences Scientific Journal (UOHSSJ)

The university of health sciences “UOHS” is one of the oldest universities in Somalia and there are a lot of challenges that it has already tackled due to the shortcomings of the health sector, so being the founder and the current rector of the university’s only makes think of more achievements and benchmarks reached, furthermore, I believe that the university of health sciences serves as a “window” to society as a whole for its students and scholars and that it must be an organization that can adapt to the modern era’s needs and demands.

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    Our research

    Learn about our research expertise, research study programs, industry partnerships and state-of-the-art research facilities.

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    Research initiatives

    As University of health sciences we are committed to engaging in research that builds a stronger future for all.

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    UOHS researchers are at the forefront of their fields, and publishes hundreds of articles, conference papers and books every year. Many can be found online through our Open Research repository or UOHS Press.

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    Learn about University of health sciences news on research expertise, research study programs, industry partnerships, multi-college collaborations and state-of-the-art research facilities.

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    Research & innovation news

    Innovation UOHS connects ideas, research, government and business to create value for the community. Innovation and entrepreneurship are supported through a range of education, licensing, consultancies, advice and funding opportunities for startups.

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    Engaged UOHS

    Engaged UOHS aims to support the visibility, engagement and reach of UOHS research through “engaged communication”: inviting public input and interaction, using creative and cultural methodologies.