Where is University Of Health Sciences located?

Ground Floor, opposite to Bosaaso Sec, school | Airport Rd

When was the University Of Health Sciences (UOHS) established?

The University Of Health Sciences was established in 2000 and started to admit students in the 2003-2004 Academic Year for the first time.

By which foundation was University Of Health Sciences (UOHS) established?

To improve the efficiency and effectiveness of health service delivery through quality knowledge.

What is the language of instruction in the University Of Health Sciences?


What are the academic units of UOHS?

The following academic departments are included in the establishment law of University Of Health Sciences (UOHS):

  • Faculty of Medicine and Surgery (MBBS)
  • Faculty of Medical Laboratory
  • Faculty of Nursing
  • Faculty of Food & Nutrition
  • Faculty of Midwife
  • Faculty of Pharmacy
  • Faculty of Public Health
  • Faculty of Post-Graduate studies
    • Department of Food & Nutrition

Are the University’s certificates recognized by the government of Somalia?

Yes, the University faculties and certificates are recognized by the Ministry of Education of Somalia (MOE) and the directorate of Higher Education of Puntland

What is the educational approach of the University Of Health Sciences?

The UOHS promotes a student-oriented educational approach which prioritizes students at all matters.

The features of this approach are the following:

  1. Quality Education hand-in-hand with Practical & Research.
  2. Graduates who are qualified and competent by the time of graduation,

What is the entrepreneurship course?

The entrepreneurship course covers topics on how to bring an innovative idea to real life.

What times can i visit the University and Library?

On weekdays from 8 am-12pm and 3 pm – 8 pm, Except for Friday.

When does the University start accepting admissions?(August 15 – September 30)

What are the entry requirements of the University?

  • Below are the main entry requirements of all potential students.

    • A high school certificate with a mean grade of C and above.
    • Passport sized photos
    • A hardcopy of the application form
    • A pass in an entry-exam (aiming at science subjects
    • Is there any provision for those who do not have the complete Requirements/Eligibilities?

    Except for the High school certificate that could be compensated with experience, the other requirements can not be compensated.

    • Does UoHS offer any online courses? No
    • Is there any evening class for undergraduate programs?
    • Is there any evening class for postgraduate programs? Yes .

How many sections will be in the admission written test?

4 sections: – Biology, Maths, Physics and Chemistry

How can I change my department?

  • How can I change my department? 

How is Attendance evaluated?

Low attendance is not tolerated as per the university standards, please refer to the academic unit for further information.

What is pass-grade of the for a module? What are grade descriptors?

Grades lesser than 2.0 CGPA are labelled as a failure, Grade-wise the failure boundary is 50%.

90-100% > A+, 80-89%  > A

70-79%% > B, 60-69% > C

50-59% > D, Below 50% > fail

What is the mode of payment for tuition fees?

  • Bank deposit – Cheque/banker cheque/money order or SMS.
  • Cash payment may be made at UOHS main campus; Finance department.