Aiming to reverse the declining trends in key health sector indicators, The College of Health Sciences Bosaso was established in September of the year 2000 in response to the scarcity of medical professionals in Somalia at that time as a result of the civil war that caused killings and gravitation of most medical personnel to other countries. Since its inception, thousands of students have graduated from the college both female and male.

In light of the fact that the college has responded to the demand to improve the health system of Puntland state of Somalia and succeeded in producing competent medical health practitioners, as well as having over 18 years of experience in both facets of community and formal health care trainings, The University Board elevated it to a University status in the year 2012 and named it The University Of Health Sciences with the help of the government of Puntland state of Somalia through its ministry of health.

Health for all is the global strategy for health development as advocated by WHO. Health sector in Puntland State of Somalia is in line with this strategy and would wish to achieve a better health for the community through people initiative, capacity building, empowerment and involvement. This is in tandem with what the University of Health Sciences stands for and it has expanded the community based health care through various programs that it has initiated