Student Resource

The University Library is one of most important resources available to student services and it is built
a comprehensive collection of recorded information to support and reinforce learning activities,
effective teaching and research in science textbooks-journal-books, articles and additional resources
of helping teaching and learning which are related to the field of health science and to facilitate
speedy access to information, and to optimize the use of the collection by the students, lecturers and
researchers in the University of Health Science. The librarian officers are responsible directly to guide
the students, staff and visitors to facilitate at any assistance might need.

     The aim of the library

  • To educate users how to access the electronic journals and e-books related to their filed or courses, and provide quality library service utilized well- trained, helpful and polite staff in comfortable study room.
  • To provide information and guidance advice to the students and provide quality service and recent materials both print and electronic which are available on the shelves.
  • To assist students, teaching staff in identifying, locating and interpreting information about the textbooks,-e-journals, e-books , other articles and reports
  • To empower and engage the learners to meet their anticipation and needs
  • To enhance and create strong research collection that could support and strengthened academic programs.

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