Student Counseling

Personal and group Counseling

Academic Counseling

Student Counseling consists of academician of health science and professionals who help individuals adjust to academic and social pressures, plan their careers, understand themselves better, handle their concerns more efficiently, resolve internal or external conflicts, increase their self-esteem and gain more satisfaction from life. Student counseling offers confidential one-on-one counseling. Counseling sessions range from one brief meeting to weekly 45-minute sessions in the responsibility of the academic secretory office , student affairs and Student event manager office. All of them will be available for you at any time you may need any assistance regardless of individual issues, academic and career counseling.

The main services offered to students include:
  • Confidential individual counseling and Groups counseling and training workshops
  • Academic counseling
  • Career Counseling

The Counseling service providers strives to assist students of all backgrounds, and we work closely with all the learners to promote success among all students in the campus. Our service are available to all students, and faculty and staff are encouraged to seek consultation from the Counseling providers concerning any students they believe may need assistance.

The main services offered to students include:

which been offered through guidance presentations and resources providing, on interviewing, discussions, study skills, time management, stress management and healthy lifestyle choices. General process-oriented groups for students dealing with a variety of concerns (depression, anxiety, stress, relationship struggles, etc). Members explore patterns of how they relate to themselves and others to help change current behaviors and develop greater insight and acceptance.

The university’s mission is to help the students to succeed in reaching their personal academic goals. their deans, lecturers and University even manager work with the students at all levels to maximize their ability to improve their potentiality in terms of the student forum activities. On a daily basis, the counselor meets with students to cover topics such as goal setting, organization, time management and study skills.

Career Counseling

Career Counseling is aimed at helping the students to determine their strengths, values, and interests in order to make choices regarding their career or major. It is a collaborative partnership between the student and counselor. The student are an expert on themselves, while counselor is an expert on academic and career exploration and decision-making. Because every student’s career exploration needs are unique, the counselor will listen to the student and ask questions to help determine:

  • The goals you want to achieve with the help of counseling
  • A concrete plan for achieving those goals. This plan will serve as a flexible guide for the things you and your counselor will talk about, the career assessments you will take, and the career exploration tools you will acquire.

The career counseling service are encouraged the students to look at the relationship between their strengths and abilities, education, and world of work. In the university activities and regular student forums contributes to reinforce the student potentiality to share with other audience.

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact any on the -campus resources for further information.