Prof. Abdirazak Hussein Hassan

Founder and University Rector

Prof. Abdirisak Hussein Hassan, is founder and current University Rector.Prof Abdirizak.
graduated from the National University of Somalia in the mid-1970s and 1976 he earned his both.
bachelor and Master in Education from later on due to his academic input and various guest.
lecturers he received an honorary degree (PhD) from Al Mustansria University in Jordan in
Prof Abdirisak has been conducting research and teaching at several Departments of the National.
University of Somalia for more than 10 years. Specializing in Linguistics, he was initially.
employed as a lecturer and progressed to professor in 1988. Prof. Abdirisak always dreamt of.
establishing a University that produced qualified Somali professionals, After the local civil war
has erupted the key health sector indicators were declining tremendously in all Somalia and thus.
Prof. Abdirisak has decided to cover those demands in the state of Puntland by founding the.
University of Health Sciences in the year 2000.
He is a board member and also serves as the rector of the University who is the chief executive.
officer and which is responsible for the overall administrative, academic, and management.
functions and the day-to-day affairs of the university. In addition to those high tasks in the.
University of Health Sciences he has also spent several years touring as a guest lecture and.
making positive impacts back to the community. As the University continues to grow in. reputation and stature, Prof. Abdirisak remains grounded in the ideals of the founding policies of the University.




Mr. Abdikadir Yazin Hassan(Egal)

Vice-rector of Academics and Research

Msc (Eco), major Financial economics, BBA (E-commerce Technology), (CIF), Dip (Mass Communication), CAT (Certified), ACCA(Cont.)  Certified Domestic Revenue Mobilization (DRM)
Mr. Cigal has over 10 years+ of working experience in management. He holds MSc in economics from University Putra Malaysia (UPM) and a Bsc of Business administration E-commerce from Almadina International University in Malaysia.  Mr. Egal is also a Certified Accounting Technician from the global professional association of accountancy (ACCA). Recently he the vice-rector in charge of academics and research. Before he joined the University of Health Sciences he was employed by First Takaful and Re-takaful company and held different managerial positions, ranging from admin and finance, regional director and finally being the technical coordinator of health insurance programs throughout Somalia.
Mr. Cigal is also a prominent researcher, academician, advocate, and entrepreneur, where his research interest mainly focuses on financial economics, Health, Environmental, and development economics as he has published on international indexed journals more particularly of South East Asia Journals of Contemporary Business, Economics, and law.




Eng. Abdirazhid Y. Mohamed


Vice-Rector of Administration and Finance

Eng. Abdirashid Yusuf Mohamed is currently is currently Vice-Rector of Administration and Finance at the University of Health Science. Eng. Abdirashid received his Master’s Degree in teaching and learning in 1976 and Bachelor’s Degree in electrical engineering from Ethiopia Academic College DZ in 1972. Eng. Abdirashid has joined the University of Health Science in Sep 2000 as a lecturer and since now he is one of the longest-serving employees at the University.
Eng. Abdirashid is a former Vice-Rector of academics during a five-year period and Since May 2018 he was assigned as the Vice-Rector of administration.




Dr. Najma A. Hassan

Planning and Financial Officer

Dr. Najma is currently the Planning and Financial Officer at University of Health Sciences, she
received her MSc (Al neelain University (2013- 2015) and BCs (Shendi University 2009-2013)
in Sudan.
Najma has joined UOHS in Sep 2015 as lecturer, before it has been assigned as Chief Financial
Officer. Dr. Najma she held various Leadership positions at University for both at the Faculty
and University level.
At the University level Dr. Najma has diligently served in various appointments, since 2015, she
rendered distinguished service to the University, in addition, she served as acting Rector in 2019.
At the faculty level; Dr. Najma was acting Dean for a one year at the Faculty of Nursing
Sciences and Vice Dean for three years in the same faculty.




Prof. Ahmed M. Osman

University Senate member and Head of the international relation

Dr. Ahmed has graduated with honors from the faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the Somali National University (UNS) in 1982. Dr. Osman received his master and PhD in biochemistry from the University of Pisa (Italy), in 1986 and 1991, respectively. He has a strong background in research, especially in the protein field and their applications to biomedical and biotechnological areas.
Dr. Osman has purified and characterized number of proteins, contributed to enzyme kinetics, pathway elucidation and analysis, worked on mechanisms of heme-based enzymes, such as P450 area and detoxification of xenobiotic compounds, worked on DT-diaphorase, an oxido-reductase, which plays role in the detoxification of quinones. He has worked on antioxidant areas, biomarker development and proteomics applied to immunotoxicology and developmental areas as well on laccase mediated oxidations of polyphenols; and on sentinel organisms (e.g., mussels, earthworms) to determine the levels of enzymes as biomarkers after exposure of environmental pollutants and other areas.
Dr Osman has worked in several universities and institutes in Europe and New Zealand. These include Pisa University (Italy), Wageningen University, Maastricht University, and research institutes such as RIZA (Water Inland Institute) and RIVM (The Netherlands) and Scion research institute in New Zealand. He has published more than 60 papers in internationally refereed journals.