journal instruction

journal instruction

-Word format for submission and the manuscript must be a single file.
-Double-spaced one-column format; Font: Times New Roman, 12 pt.
-Paper length: maximum 5 pages.

-Title: should be as brief as possible, including spaces. Authors and their affiliation institutions indicated
by superscript numbers should be listed below the title in the first page of the manuscript.
-Abstract: the abstract should present a brief background information of the topic in question, methods,
results, and conclusions. The abstract should not exceed 300 words and should not contain citations, nor
unexplained abbreviations.

-Keywords: 3-5 keywords must be written on a separate line below the abstract.
-Introduction: should describe the background of the article (previous research), gaps and inconsistences,
aims, and provide a summary of literature of the issue under investigation.
-Methods: This section should outline how the research was carried out and experiments were performed.
Sufficient information must be given to allow reproducibility.

-Results: All relevant findings must be described in this section and results of the data and the analysed
variables must be presented and illustrated in tables and figures. Titles and legends should be
comprehensible without reference to the text.

-Discussion: This section discusses the interpretations and observations of the reported results with
respect to the study purpose. The main findings are highlighted with emphasis on the similarities and
differences with the results of the previous literature and the potential implications of the results are

-Acknowledgement (optional): Any financial and human contribution in terms of technical or conceptual
assistance may be mentioned here.

-References: references should be listed at the end of the manuscript in the order they appear in the text.
All the information required to retrieve the source must be provided (see examples below):

1) References to articles in journals and periodicals:
Said Jama Isse, Asha Farah Ali (Year), Article title: Journal Name. volume (issue no.), page
numbers. Doi: XXXXXXX.
2) References to book chapters:
Isse Mohamed, Faduma Ali, Title of the chapter. In: John RC, Ipata AB, eds. Title of the Book. 3rd
ed. Publisher name; Year: page numbers.

Tables and figures should be numbered in the order they are cited in the manuscript. The table
title should be concise, clear and at the top of the table and the figure title at the legend of the
figure and (not in the figure itself). The figures and the tables should be embedded in the main
text where first cited.

For investigations on humans, a statement indicating that informed consensus should be
included. Plagiarism of any kind is not acceptable and should be avoided.

a) Cover Letter.
The cover letter should provide the manuscript title as well as the corresponding author
name and contact information (telephone number, and email).

Submit the manuscript to the secretary of the scientific journal committee,