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Entry Requirements









A student is admitted into a program when he or she meets entry requirements into that program. Admission

n into a program is done before the beginning of the academic year in the month of September. Admission into university of health science shall be conducted under guidance of the senate. Admission requirements are given below.

General minimum entry requirements

Mean grade of c and above with at least a c in all the scientific subjects in high school final exam results from a recognized secondary school. Some programs demand higher grades.

A pass in the entry exam

In addition to the minimum entry requirements, admission into each program demands a student to get a pass from the entry exam offered by the faculty which mainly targets the scientific subjects and English language.

Registration and id cards


(i) every admitted student is issued with a registration number which is very useful in all his academic life in the university.

(ii) the names of a student shall be as they appear in the documents used to seek admission at uohs, or, where there is conflict, in same way as they appear in the official government photo id. The same names shall appear and be used in the same order in all official records and in the final certificates. If a student wishes to change names in the course of his/her stay at uohs.

(iii) immediately after that id cards will be issued and the student becomes a uohs student.