The university library has been established in 2000 when the university begins as an institute, The university strives to excel in the provision of timely access to learning space, information literacy ,information resources, information technology and archives to strengthen the learning, teaching and research activities of staff and students at the university.

Apart from textbooks and recommended reading materials prescribed for each course offered at the University of Health Science, the library house a growing collection of research monographs,  reports, dictionaries, encyclopedias,handbooks, and so on.

The library also subscribes to several e-journals directly from publishers as well as through reputed subscription agencies. At present, users can consult more than 5000 text books (available on shelves) and more than 50 thousands of electronic journals, thousands of e-books and journals.

Library is constantly striving to identify and adopt the emerging academic and research support tools and helping the University in achieving its vision and mission.

Library regulations:

Registered and active students and staff of UOHS are eligible to use the library and its facilities. Users must present their valid
identification cards to the librarians at the entrance as well as when borrowing or returning books at the circulation desk. Users may be
requested at any time in the library to show their identification card and thus should keep it in their possession at all times while in the

“Each year we give away prizes for the most read person (SUPER READER AWARD).!”

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The University Library helps students and researchers to realise their academic objectives. At the library you will find a modern study and research environment with many possibilities for studying individually or in a group. We have a large collection scientific sources that you can consult both online and physically.

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Sunday, February 26, 2022

The University of Health Sciences library sincerely welcomes lecturers, students, alumni and all other academic groups to donate all sources of literature e.g., Books

On 26th February, 2022 Dr. Abdirahman Faisal Abdirahman/Dr. Amina Mohamed Mire, who are Batch 3- Graduated student has donated the Text book Preventive and Social Medicine written By K. PARK to the University of Health Sciences.

Sunday, February 26, 2022